Market Strategy


Buyers win with Brockelman Auctions. Are you tired of paying up to 20% premiums on top of your winning bids? Brockelman Auctions charges a low 15% buyers premium AND low shipping and handling charges. We have never raised our fees in over 4 years in business.

Sellers win with Brockelman Auctions. We offer a sellers fee of zero % on lots consigned. The result being sellers receive more net dollars due to lower commissions and higher bidding activity.

If you are looking for an alternative to selling on Ebay and the current Ebay rules, regulations, and price increases have got you upset, then using Brockelman Auctions to sell your cards and collectibles is a very nice alternative. You will pay NO listing fees, NO final value fee and NO Paypal fees. Our auction won't have anonymous shill bidders, reprints or fakes, and will be targeted at real collectors and hobby veterans.

Selling with Brockelman Auctions will allow you to get the absolute maximum net price for your collectibles. Buying from us will allow you to add very nice cards to your collection at a reasonable price with some unique features to make it easier. We reach the same audience as the other auction houses; we just do it for less. Brockelman Auctions plans on having 2-3 auctions per year which should satisfy most needs however this number may change in the future.

We offer consignors a bit higher, but reasonable starting bids, if they so choose, in order to protect their interests. If you have ever taken a real bath on a card, or item, then you understand what we mean by "protection". With our auction you can limit your liability and maximize your gains. Our auctions almost never have a reserve, and if there ever is one, it will be made known before the end of the auction. We believe this to be the most transparent way of running an auction. No need to have someone else bid on your lot to protect your consignment.   Everyone wins!!

We advertise on the hobby's most active Vintage Card Chat board, Net54baseball chat board F, Old Cardboard magazine and other places in the hobby. We also set up at the annual National Sports Collectors Convention each year.

Brockelman Auctions keeps all bidding records in perpetuity. If an issue ever arises they can be audited. All BIDDING RECORDS WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL UNLESS THERE IS AN ISSUE. If a record is disclosed it will only be made known to 3rd party sources for verification of the process and to ensure the integrity of the auction process.  We want bidders and consignors to have 100% confidence in our process and these UNIQUE rules, we believe, will further that experience.  Brockelman Auctions will not alter any cards, or other items, in any way nor will we ever send them to have anything other than authentication done to them. We feel there is more to lose than to gain in this area of the hobby.

Both owners are avid, experienced collectors so understand the nuances and passion within the hobby. We bid in major auctions all of the time so feel we have a very good understanding of what collectors want in an auction format, whether they are buying or selling.

Both owners have collectively sold millions of dollars of cards and understand the buying and selling mentality as both buyers and sellers. We have handled some of the rarest and most expensive cards in the hobby and will treat your fine collectibles with the care they deserve, all from the collector's mindset.